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How to sell my HDB and buy Private Property safely ?

It is always difficult to move house considering the amount of complexity with so many new home loan financing rules, additional buyer stamp duties (ABSD), Financial & time line planning, etc.

Buying a property is stressful especially if you are switching from HDB to Private Condominium. This is because the timing of purchase and sale is of critical importance, one wrong move could lead to a cash crunch.

Selling HDB flat first and buying Private Condominium later

  • Cash flow is clear-cut

  • Will not incur additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD)

  • Selling HDB flat may takes time.

  • HDB Transaction takes 3 to 4 months.

  • Missing out on your preferred choice of house/bargain.

  • You will have no place to stay after selling your HDB flat. May end up with paying rental.

First Sell HDB and Buy Private Later

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Buying a Private Condominum First and Selling HDB flat later

  • You get a good deal that can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • You can take your own sweet time to get the right facing and dream home

  • o You have a place to move into and have it niecly renovated and done up before moving out of your HDB flat.

  • Need a lot of cash for this.

  • Incur Additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) for 17% for Singapore Citizens buying 2nd residential property.

  • Remission of Additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) subjected to selling your HDB within the 6 months stipulated period from exercising your Private Condominium as well as subjected to other eligibility conditions. (Please check with Lawyer or with IRAS for more detail )

Buy Private Property First (OTP)

Property for Sale Singapore

How can I upgrade my HDB to Private Property in a best way

The best way I want to…..
  • Get good deal condominium with my preferred facing and renovated

  • Do not want to move house 2 times.

  • Do not want to pay Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD)

  • Want to have sufficient cash for the downpayment.

To achieve you’re the above, You need a property agent like me to assist you to source for a private condominium while at the same time put your HDB flat up into the market.

Me and Lawyer can assist to set your OTP Exercise date much later after you deposit, it is called an Option to purchase (OTP) of 1%.

At the same time, you quickly sell your HDB flat. Bear in mind, your HDB flat must exercise option before your Condominium’s exercise date to qualify for NO Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) as the ABSD is measured based on the exercise date, not the option-to-purchase date.

At the point of your exercising your Private Condominium Option-to-purchase (OTP) you do not own a residential property, you have already “Sold” as the buyer of your HDB flat exercised option on your HDB flat.